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About Us

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 Dr. Dolores  August 
Founder’s Notes 


August Music Services was formed after visiting a bridal show and discovering that live musicians were few and far between. It is our mission to keep live music as an integral part of our community events, including but not limited to church services, weddings, funerals, and private parties. The music lesson portion of August Music Services began with my husband and I teaching privately, but soon expanded to include numerous teachers over several states, and includes an online virtual option for those that live outside of the serviced areas or for those that prefer that format. In order to give back to our community, an ongoing project for need-based scholarships are currently under way. If you are interested in helping fund this venture, please feel free to reach out. We would love to hear from you. We hope we may be able to welcome you to the August Music Services family.


"I'm using some of my free time to brush up on my musical abilities. I use local Newtonite Dolores August's services, hope you'll find her and her teachers helpful too! I highly recommend them." -Bryan Barash, Politician 

"I can't recommend Dolores August highly enough. She taught piano to my children and when the pandemic happened she didn't skip a beat. She now meets with my boys on a digital platform twice each week. She is patient and kind and an incredibly talented teacher. If you are thinking about all kinds of music lessons for your kids (not just piano) don't hesitate!"

- Allison Barry, Rabbi

"We have used August Music Services for a number of years at (our church). The quality of performers associated with these services is always superior. Dee is not only an accomplished musician, she has a discerning ear that allows her to staff each occasion with performers that are uniquely suited to achieve success! Thank you, Dee." -John Sauvey, Music Director

"With August Music Services, you can always count on the highest quality musicians available and the utmost in professionalism!" -Corey Moses, Church Music Director

"It was a joy to work with August Music Services.  I contacted Dolores over the phone and via email.  She was always kind, courteous, and responded quickly to any questions or requests I had.  Coordination on the day of the wedding was stream-lined and efficient.  Our group was able to focus completely on performing because everything had been taken care of in advance.  I would love to work with August Music Services again." -Glori Vela, String Quartet Contractor

Meet Our Team

Dr. Robert August 

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Dr. Wee Kiat Chia 


Dr. Kangyi Liu 


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